Process vs Outcome Goals – The Secret To Lasting Success.

Posted On January 20, 2022

Now That The Excitement Is Over……

It’s late January. And we know there will be swathes of people trying to get going (as they promised in December).

Trouble is: it’s VERY cold, grey, they’re feeling sluggish and getting going is a tough nut to crack.

On TOP of this ….. most of these people will have a goal in their mind. For example, I need to lose 4 stone. And that can be daunting.

(Visualise looking at the top of a very high mountain you need to climb. You might question yourself, “can this be done?” or it might simply feel overwhelming, too much to take on.


So this is what we call an OUTCOME GOAL. There’s a final goal in your head, it’s far in the distance and when you get there, there’s nothing much else afterwards.

These are VERY useful if you have a holiday coming up, or a wedding or you want to get into shape before Christmas so you can relax. So they have value in the right circumstances.

BUT  – the reality is, they often very, very far away, like we said, so it often feels impossible to achieve, you can’t FEEL what it’s going to be like and, let’s face it, they’re often uninspiring. The words ‘two stone’ will be quickly forgotten and won’t get you out of bed on a rainy morning!

But fear not – there is a much more powerful and enjoyable AND sustainable way to get what you need.


We prefer people to focus on process goals. This means being mindful of a future goal BUT focusing on the process of getting there. Deciding what steps are necessary to become the person that you wish to be.

Let me give you an example:

“I want to be leaner, stronger, fitter, happier, feel good in my clothes and feel confident”. (a common goal for most)

Now think: What do I imagine I’ll have to do to become this person?

Typically, it will be:

– 2-3 strength sessions per week.
– 1 cardio based session
– being as active as possible each day (non-exercise)
– tidying up nutrition a little
– getting decent/better sleep

Here are 5 simple, non-complicated steps that would give you everything you need. And the great thing is;

Rather than waiting to feel good, 12 months in the future (when you lose 4 stone). You can feel happier, proud, more energetic, stronger, more toned straight away!

Hopefully, you can see that PROCESS smashes OUTCOMES most of the time, if you need to factor exercise into your life, if you wish it to become part of your identity, who you are and you want to build decent habits forever.

Would you agree with this? Let us know. We’d love to hear your opinion or your experience.

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Written by Kevin Hurley

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