The REAL Reason you’ve failed???? FOCUS!

Posted On March 29, 2016

Often the most powerful lessons are the ones that HURT the most.

Words can really plunge a dagger into your heart.

So beware of what I’m about to say about your weight loss!!

You see, I’m gonna predict that the real reason you’ve failed before at losing the inches, getting fit, being healthier is that it really hasn’t been THAT important enough to you.

Your life HASN’T depended on it.

No losses REALLY if you give up or fail, it’s only YOU that gets hurt right?

Wonder if this is resonating with you at all??

(You might be screaming now: “But this is SO important to me!!! It’s ALL I think about!!! I want it SO much!!!”)

Well, I figure different sorry.

Because it’s a FACT that humans will accomplish whatever becomes a MUST in their lives.

Yep, that’s a harsh thing to swallow I know.

Let’s take an extreme example (one that won’t happen, I hope!)

Say you lost your home TODAY and had nowhere to stay this evening.

Do you think ANYTHING would get in your way toward finding somewhere to live with your family this evening?

NOPE! (Correct).

Because it became a MUST.

You would be extremely resourceful trying to find ways to ENSURE you got what was needed.

Contacting family, friends, the local council, support groups….. whatever.

No stone would be unturned right?

Nothing would get in the way if you finding somewhere to live.

Well, has your weight loss journey been a MUST?

And I mean a REAL must?

A stop at nothing, at all costs, this means the world type of thing.

Probably not. (Or you would’ve achieved it!)

Get my point here?

Failing at a diet or exercise regime – what’s the worst that can happen????

You feel terrible (again), life plods on, you tell yourself a load of excuses but nothing really changes does it?




That’s a powerful secret right there.


Visualise and remind yourself DAILY, numerous times of your goal.

(I don’t mean, try it once, oh nothing’s happening and giving up!)

Attach emotions of excitement, joy, pleasure, pride, confidence to the images when you’re imagining them.

With practice, your brain will begin to believe what you’re thinking.

You will be PULLED towards your goal.

Weight loss will become a must.

Pleasure, joy, pride, confidence, will become a MUST.

That’s real focus right there – brain training!

Not weight training, or cardio, or diet plans, or Jennifer Aniston’s Butt Routine workout.

((All the things we normally focus on))

Working on yourself!!!

You’re probably saying “Well, it’s ok for you, a personal trainer, your life seems easy”.

Trust me…..

I work on this EVERYDAY.

I tackle my demons, my inner thoughts, that little voice that says “you can’t” EVERYDAY.

Yep, I’m in my Ely studio, before I even start work, working on ME!

That’s how I know it works.

I don’t put these things out there to make myself look good.

Only because I know you will benefit and it is powerful.








Written by Kevin Hurley

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