Sitting Is A Killer – Literally.

Posted On March 23, 2023

Don’t Smoke – But Sit?

Something that really resonated with me from a podcast I watched recently. SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING.

Sedentary lifestyle accelerates the arrival of diseases which should come later in life.

Imagine sitting at a work desk chain smoking cigarettes? Fewer people do this these days because we know the epic risks.

But we regularly sit at desks for hours on a Zoom call, then sit for hours scrolling social media in the evening. Before lying in bed, then repeating endlessly. No wonder it’s hard to get moving!

Sitting down, it is said, has the same impact as smoking on our health. Even more reason to walk, exercise breathe, stretch.

If you’re interested, the podcast is on Spotify, The Diary of a CEO. Episode 225.
“The Man Who Predicts How Long You Have To Live (to the month)”.

BIG takeway: be active and breathe!!

We’re hugely into a holistic approach to health at our facility on Ely. Be active, manage stress, eat fairly well, have balance, be happy. Hope this inspires someone out there! 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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