This MYTH Is Stalling Your Progress……

Posted On July 27, 2023

Weight Training Makes You Bulky?

This above: Is the biggest myth we encounter which has the greatest (negative) impact on the fitness industry and on people, (in our opinion).

When we worked in gyms years ago, there was a clear divide between men and women – and what they did in the gym.

Women stuck to cardio machines and did the dance classes – most wanted to get ‘smaller’. Men used weights – most wanted to get ‘bigger’.

Ladies were afraid to enter the weights room. Weights was going to do the OPPOSITE of what they needed!! (they thought) Plus ….. they didn’t have a clue what to do, never mind men leering at them which made them feel SO uncomfortable.

The thing is: weight training ticks most of the boxes for the average person: male AND female.

People want to be toned, strong, fit, want to feel confident in their clothes, they want everyday tasks to be easy, they want to look good, feel good, move better.

**Running on a treadmill doesn’t even get close to this. Weight training is where the answer lies**.

We recruit a lot of ladies who have been Zumba-ed out. Don’t have time to do 2-4 runs per week. And even if they do, it’s not giving them what they need.

We LOVE teaching people like this about the fantastic world of strength training. It can literally change a person’s life! Build their confidence, revitalise their training regime and how they view exercise, make them proud of their body and what it has achieved……

Strength training is for ALL.

If you are struggling to understand how strength training can help you reach your goals quicker, drop us a short message and we’ll give you the best help we can to simplify it.

Best wishes.

Written by Kevin Hurley

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