Posted On January 4, 2024

Same Old, Same Old Means Frustration.

That’s not a typo – we meant REVOLUTION.

People are now emerging from the Christmas slump, feeling sluggish, knowing they have to confront the reality …..

**That promise they made in December, to get started, get fit, a fresh start, in January**.

And many will be going through a familiar cycle of the ole NY resolutions:

– No chocolate in the house
– Dry January, no booze
– Going “on a diet”
– Cutting back calories
– Starting running/gym membership

If we think about it 🤔

Has this worked before? (For a short time)
– Was it sustainable? (No)
– Was it enjoyable? (Hell, no!)

So perhaps it’s time for that revolution we mentioned, a new way of thinking about health and fitness.
We spoke with numerous people yesterday who were all fed up with the same cycle. Everyone wanted something different.

They craved:

– Less obsession with calories
– Mentally drained by diets
– Ditching the scales
– Wanting to make fitness a lifestyle
– Needing to finally enjoy the gym

Thankfully, this fits right in with our ethos. We look forward to showing these people a new and refreshing way to think about health.

Focusing on learning about strength training. Focusing on having better moods, better mindset. Focused on feeling toned, strong, less pains. Focused on better flexibility.

With a different focus, the weight loss, better eating habits (everything we normally focus on) looks after itself!

To get started on a different fitness journey, just click this link:

Written by Kevin Hurley

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