What is THE most under-rated aspect to getting health/fitness/results?

Posted On February 4, 2021

You’ve Got Everything Perfect Right? 

When we start a health kick, we go through the usual steps. No more “bad” foods on the shopping list (tick). No more booze (tick). Monday, Wednesday, Friday gym (tick). This is all good stuff, don’t get me wrong!

There are a couple of things of other things you could also focus on (which we can tackle another day) – sleep and water. Very easy, very powerful things to master. Yes, they’re easy but they’re habits which means it will take practice to get them right. Nothing is ever easy in the beginning unfortunately. But after a week, two weeks, you won’t even notice.

But I digress. In my humble opinion — based on personal experience, the research and seeing how people have benefitted — WALKING is THE most effective things you can do, to get “results” (usually means fat loss/weight loss for most people).

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Now if you’re from the school of ‘exercise needs to be painful’, ‘no pain, no gain’, ‘go hard or go home’, you might be thinking: what good will a walk do?

But it’s estimated that NEAT or Non Exercise Activity Thermogenisis — that’s any movement not intended as exercise — amounts up to 15% of our total daily expenditure. That’s BIG. Imagine sitting on a computer all day compared to walking, burning 15% every single day. The impact is massive.

Even better, it’s proven that getting away from the desk/house/phone gives your mind time to disconnect. A more relaxed person will obviously get better results from a health programme that someone wound up tighter than a spring.

Getting out, filling the lungs with air, experiencing nature, noticing life around us, raising the heart rate, getting blood pumping? Or watching a cat fall off a shelf in your Facebook feed? No contest really is it?

Do you recall how you’ve felt when it’s been really tough to start going to the gym? The thought of the effort required. Not knowing what you’re doing. What if you look silly. There you go …. Start walking, even for just 20 minutes every day. Most people can do it immediately, without thought, planning, and the things we use to stall our progress.

It’s likely too that a person who is active every day will  drink more water after their walks (good habit). It’s likely they’ll be more relaxed and probably get better sleep (good habit). So it’s a win win situation for everyone.

Forge A New Way

So what’s the takeaway from all this? DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE WALKING. It’s your best friend. It’s not something granny or grandpa does. It’s something a healthier, happier, leaner, fitter you should do every single day. 🙂

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Written by Kevin Hurley

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