You Want A Flatter Stomach? (This is the best way).

Posted On October 10, 2017

Firstly, I’m not going to insult your intelligence!


Because I KNOW you all know that a flatter stomach (that is, less fat) means better nutrition.

You’ve heard/read/watched it enough times in the media right? 🙂

**Although there will still be someone out there on a mat in a gym — doing endless sit ups and eating crap, getting nowhere**.

But I’m gonna focus today on flatter stomach meaning greater core stomach, stronger abdominal area, tighter waist.

AND … show you the mistakes that EVERYONE makes!




What does everyone do when they want their stomach to disappear? CRUNCHES.

Are crunches bad? Well no ….. if done correctly.

But they’re not the most effective method.

Firstly, they focus on the abdominal area.

The abdominals are quite a small strip of superficial muscle at the front of the body.

Now imagine the core as being ALL the muscles in our body >>>> if we cut off our arms, legs and head.

That’s a LOT of muscle!

Yet we focus on the small little strip of muscle mentioned above to get a flat stomach!!

Secondly, the modern lifestyle of driving, sitting at computers, lounging on a sofa, means we usually have incredibly tight hip flexors.

= poor posture and low back pain.

Crunches on top of these issues means a recipe for disaster! MORE PAIN. MORE GRIEF. SAD FACE.

Yet we still see those poor souls on their backs banging their heads up and down off the floor, like dying chickens, in their pointless quest to get a toned tum.




Research proves the greatest activation of all core muscles comes from powerful, effective, multi-joint, compound movements such as squats and deadlifts.

Think trying to stand up and down (safely) with a heavy weight on your back.

Those core muscles are going fire into action pretty quickly!!

Even better: It’s not just the superficial muscles like the abdominals which will be worked BUT the deeper, more important muscles around the spine!

**Why more important? Think ahead to when you’re 80 and trying to get out of a chair or tie your shoelaces. This is stuff for LIFE ….. not a six pack in Magaluf next June**.




  • Speak to a professional about how to execute these powerful exercises safely.
  • Practise and master these over a period of months
  • Add SMALL amounts of weight every 3-6 workouts to ensure you get stronger
  • Buy a new pair of trousers as your waist will be pulled in like never before!


Hope this adds value!






Written by Kevin Hurley

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