This Is MORE Than Weight Loss (you haven’t tried this, trust me).

Posted On November 21, 2016


OK, Would you like:

– Increased confidence
– Better fitting clothes
– Leaner backside, stomach and arms
– Stronger core muscles
– Better posture
– Boosted energy levels
– More positive outlook
– Stronger bones
– Less joint pain
– More adventurous wardrobe
– Better sleep
– Better variety of exercise ??????


((You kinda know this stuff already right?))

There are far more POWERFUL things you HAVEN’T thought you will experience by being STRONG.

Let me give you an example…….

Imagine pushing a weight from Point A to Point B until your legs feel like they are turning to jelly.

But before you think “I can’t anymore”, >>>>>> you decide to push it just a little bit further – more than you did the last time.

You get really out of breath, legs are SCREAMING – but you’re DETERMINED to get from point A to point B.

Even though your head is saying: “STOP!!!” – you push on and FINISH!!!!

So your legs feel really worked out, you’re tired that night, you know you’ve put in a good shift!

Next day your legs are feeling STRONGER, LEANER, MORE TONED.

But ……. there’s MORE

The DETERMINATION you showed the previous evening spills over into other aspects of you life.

(Stuff you can’t see!)

Like ……..

When you are feeling bored in the evening and feel like a little binge when you’re not even hungry.

If your body feels STRONG, it’s easier to RESIST the temptation, — not to un-do your good work.

When you encounter a problem, instead of throwing your toys from the pram, thinking “Always me!!!” >>>>>

You’ve learned that pushing through ADVERSITY, even when you know it’s PAINFUL, will mean SUCCESS.

You’ve TAUGHT your body and mind to be STRONG.

When you are CONSISTENT with your training and get stronger than ever before ……..

CONFIDENCE will ooze from your pores because you know you just keep becoming a better version of YOU.

That means = walking with a spring in your step, six inches taller. smiling …….

NOT sliding into a room sideways, trying to be unnoticed. Leaning against the wall, staying in the shadows.

And this is just the tip of the ice-berg.

Look, I get it…….

You’ve tried exercise before, been left alone at the gym, numerous fresh starts, jumped from fad to fad, all fallen flat


With that SAME energy, directed properly ……

You’re gonna surprise yourself.

You just gotta get STRONG.

Trust me.

Hope this adds value 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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