Weight Loss Is Never Exciting – That’s The Problem….

Posted On September 1, 2023

“Compelling Goals Are Like Magnets.”

These are words spoken by Jim Rohan, a world famous life coach.

He described how a REALLY compelling goal automatically draws you towards it.

How your decision making and mindset aligns with your goal, moving you closer to it each day.

How you stay on the right path – even when things go wrong and it seems like the world is falling apart around you.
It may seem a bit airy-fairy but let’s make this relate to YOU.

A typical scenario…. “My goal is to lose weight.”

Does this REALLY light a fire in your belly that gets you excited (even scared that you may not achieve it)?
Will this drag you from a toasty bed on winter mornings?

Does the words ‘losing weight’ inspire you to bat away excuses and the inevitable voice in your head that whispers to you to give up?

That voice which convinces you there is no point, it’s too hard and nothing ever works?

My guess is a solid NO!! (I’ve witnessed this too many times to remember).

Let’s make it COMPELLING….

I want to get fit because my mother/father suffered decades of ill-health at too early an age.
“I want to be fit, strong, independent, experience life, making memories, feeling good inside.
“I want to be a role model and love life with my children – and their children – for as long as I can.
“When I look in the m”irror, I want to be proud of what I see, that my hard work has paid off and I am a confident, fulfilled person”.

**There’s no comparison right?**

Yet we typically choose ‘losing weight’ as our reason to stay motivated.

Make your goal compelling – PROPERLY COMPELLING – and it’s a game changer!
(We know this isn’t easy)

If you need help with setting a compelling goal, we can guide you. Just drop us a DM. We’d love to help. 👊

Written by Kevin Hurley

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