Here’s MY Biggest Mistakes. Perhaps You Can Learn From Them To HELP Your Weight Loss


Posted On December 12, 2016

Learn from MY mistakes!

Here are the top 5 exercise and nutrition mistakes that I’VE made…………


(1) Not sticking with a plan consistently.


You get the BEST results by following a progressive plan of action. That can be up to 12 weeks, continually, (when required), adding more difficulty.

This consistency (for the majority) can mean BOREDOM so, like most, I jumped around from this to that, getting NOWHERE.

You need consistency to bring results. Think of this … which do you want more … not to be bored/to be entertained or results?

Stick with the plan, be patient, take knocks, move on, work hard!


(2) Lying to myself about my nutrition.


It’s human nature no to face up to difficult decisions. I lied to myself about the quality of my food, how much booze I was drinking.

I thought: “I’m exercising, it doesn’t matter. I’m equalling each other out!”.

NOPE! I just didn’t want to clean things up. Total honesty about what need fixing is a MUST for results. Weight loss DEMANDS that difficult decisions are made!

(3) Too much cardio.

Cardio does burn calories,does make you feel good and sure as heck helps with stress.

But my opinion is, we should all be following a strength training plan.

Put it like this, I want to be able to tie my shoelaces when I’m 80 and get out of a chair without being air-lifted.



(4) Poor execution of exercises.


Anyone with a bad back, knees, hips or shoulders through exercise …. my heart goes out to you!

You MUST have great knowledge or even better (expert tuition) when it comes to getting stronger.

In ye olden days, when I was full of testosterone, we had little knowledge about how things should be done.

Now I’m an expert, I look back and cringe! It could’ve been so much worse.

This is an important lesson I’ve learned: Lifting big weights will HELP your knees, back, hips and shoulders.

Lifting big weights INCORRECTLY will make getting out of bed when you’re 70 a two hour operation!!!


(5) Work on the INSIDE too.


I always bang on about it …. because I know it’s true.

You will get INFINITELY better results, the happier you are!!

For years, I walked around carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was ANGRY at everything.

For many reasons, but largely because my emotions were all over the place, I was unhappy.

Do everything within your power to be happier in your head. Your body will follow. Your career will spiral and your family will love you for it! Oh, and weight loss and weight management FINALLY Becomes enjoyable

(TIP: Get as STRONG as you possibly can) pssssst IT WORKS!

Hope this helps 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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