What’s The Biggest Thing Stopping You Getting Results?? (Harsh Read: Caution!!!)

Posted On December 14, 2017

What?s the biggest thing getting in the way of you getting great results?

Food? Lack of exercise? Chocolate and crisps? No vegetables?

((All the usual stuff we focus on!!))


Here?s a big custard pie filled with honesty right in the face ??


Yeah, that?s hard for me to write because I know it?s probably gonna p*** a few or more people off.

But ???

What makes me do it, is that I know (if you take it on board), it will help to FREE you to get those results that have eluded you.

Let me tell you how I know this.

I?m the KING OF BS.

For years, I lied to myself, filling my head with excuses why I couldn?t do things, why things weren?t working out, how I was happy NOT to achieve things in my life.

So much so ?? I actually started to BELIEVE my own BS.

<<You repeat a lie so often it?s so difficult to separate lies from truth!!>>

And I believed myself, in my own head!!!!

Excuse, after excuse, after excuse.

The result?


AND ?? me complaining about why things weren?t working for me in my life!

So ? I know what I?m talking about when I talk about excuses.

Here?s what I call ?THE BIG GUNS?.

?I?ve tried everything?. ? No you haven?t.

?I tried so hard? ? Not long enough.

?I eat really healthy, I dunno why I?m like this?. ? No you don?t.

?I?m really busy with work to do it right?. ? Others are busier AND doing it.

?I can?t afford it?. You?re driving a BMW.

?I can?t drink that much water?. ? You drink 20 cups of coffee no problem.

?I hate vegetables?. ? google something you like.

?I dunno what?s healthy?. ? Yes you do.

?I dunno what to cook?. ? Google something.

?My partner cooks?. ? Tell them to cook better.

?My partner cooks big portions?. ? Eat less.


This list goes on.

And it just fuels your reasons why you can?t do something. And guess what happens?


Those who draw that line in the sand (like I did one day about three years ago) >>>>>

Have had ENOUGH with excuses.

They want better. No regrets and lies.

NOW ??..

No-one can do this for you. You MUST be INCREDDDDDDDDIBLY honest with yourself.

((Hardest thing you?ll probably ever do)).

Admit what?s going on and when you feel yourself using an excuse, ring that excuse bell in your head and say ?NO!?.

That?s a powerful secret right there, trust me.

You can divert focus and attention to meal plans and which exercise is the best and what time should I eat zzzzzzzzzzz

But if you?re using excuses, it?s doomed!

<<Sort yourself out, inside first>>

I usually offer a solution, or some value, in these posts.

But it?s difficult this time.

This one has to come from you?? INSIDE.

I can?t help you do it. You must do it.

I can offer you some of my experience though.

Since banning the BS, my life is so much more free. I realise that whatever my life is like, I AM THE CAUSE, nothing or no-one else. I can blame no-one but myself.

Flip side of this is that I can fix it at any time, by just taking positive action.

So cut the excuses, cut the BS, do what you already know will help and see what happens.

Sorry to those I?ve p****** off!

Enjoy, to those who admit that what I?m saying is the truth.

Best of luck!


Written by Kevin Hurley

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