What’s MORE Important: Weight Or Mindset?

Posted On November 19, 2021

Can You Be Light AND Miserable? (We Think So!)

Do you value how you FEEL and THINK as much as your physical health?

(Big Admission): I’ve been stressed this week. Overwhelmed with tasks, brain unable to switch off, cloudy thinking.

I went to bed last night with pressure in my head, I was suffering – it was time to decompress!

So, first step, down tools for a little while. Secondly, a nice country walk with the dog first thing. Third, get an exercise session in.

When we’re surrounded by anxiety, fog, pressure, stress, submerged in adrenaline, it’s far too easy to flit between tasks on a computer, being mediocre at them all, snacking on sugary treats, feeling worse and worse, getting nowhere.

It’s powerful to self-analyse, step back, re-energise, rest, and come back stronger.

**Remarkably, nothing in my life self-combusted and fell apart because I took a few hours off (even though our mind convinces us that Hell on earth awaits us if we did!)

We value mental health as much as physical health. How you think and feel is MORE important than how much we weigh (we feel).

Do you agree? What’s you method to de-stress? Drop us an email, we’d love to know. 🙂

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Written by Kevin Hurley

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