What’s The BEST Training Time To Get ‘Results’?

Posted On November 4, 2021

“How Long Should I Train For To Get Results?”

When we worked in a commercial, big-chain gym, a typical day working on the gym floor looked like this ……

Seeing someone dripping with sweat, running/walking on a treadmill. The conversation always went:

ME: “How’s your training going?”

MEMBER: “Not very well, I seem to stay the same/put on weight and I’m training for around 90 mins. It just won’t shift. I’m at my wits end what to do!”

So, I liked to explain a simple theory. Have you heard about HOMEOSTASIS? The definition is: “relatively stable equilibrium (of the body).”

In simple terms, evolution means we like to be at rest. Our body doesn’t really like getting the heart rate up, blood pumping, sweating, heavy breathing. It prefers to be at peace and relaxed.

**Of course, exercise is helpful for conditioning our body to function efficiently. BUT …. it’s estimated that around 45 mins is optimal.**

So, it’s best to work with intensity for only 45 mins — then go home and rest, eat well and hydrate to refuel. THAT’S where progress and “results” are made.

When people are not seeing progress (especially when using cardio and dieting) then tend to think ‘LONGER’. “I need to do more”.

Then we see lack-lustre 90 minute to 2-hour slog workout which UNDERMINE the good work they’ve done in the first 45 mins.

Takeaway point is: keep workouts short, sweet, intense, preferably strength training with a little conditioning thrown in. Strong, fit, toned, confident — with a time efficient regime!

Written by Kevin Hurley

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