What’s the Best Way To Help People Get Results?

Posted On September 30, 2021

We Leave People To Find Their Own Way…

Sounds pretty harsh doesn’t it? Someone wants to improve their health/change their body and looks for an expert to help them. You’d expect that that expert would hold their hand every step of the way.

Instead of the expert saying: “What steps do you think will help you?” “ok, tell me what you’re prepared to do?”. Basically asking them what they think is going to work.

Believe me, this works! Giving people the power, asking questions that help them to come up with their own solutions. People see through their own ideas much more than being told what to do.

Micro-managing, weekly ‘check ins’, hand-holding, spoon-feeding with meal plans, helps no-one — it’s what people THINK they need. But what people actually need is the support to begin changing their habits – but they must do it themselves.

>>>>> Let’s be honest, everyone knows eating better, exercising, moving more and drinking less booze would probably help — we’re not reinventing the wheel here.<<<<<

What our magic formula is, is to give people the framework where they can begin to take control of themselves, decide what they’re going to do, trial and error, find out what works and what doesn’t, take responsibility for their actions.

Self-Determination Theory 

For example, we’re starting a 6 Week Accelerator for all our members, starting October 1st. This is when we ask people to: be consistent with sessions, hit water targets daily, walk more, eat a little better. Simple.

BUT …..

The power lies in this …. We break everyone into teams and give them total control over holding each other accountable, tallying up figures and scores, making sure everyone in the group does the work. To make it fun, we offer prizes for the best team and individual performances.

**It’s easy to let ourselves down, harder to let a coach down but very difficult to let a team-mate down who’s relying on you!!** So the work gets done.

This is called Self-Determination theory and it runs through everything that we do. It gets results. It makes people the best version of themselves.

It was a little white lie earlier. We don’t exactly leave people to their own devices — we simple give them the tools that REALLY help!

Written by Kevin Hurley

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