When Stressed, Get Moving.

Posted On January 13, 2023

Beat The Stress of Comfort Eating (Easy).

We’ve seen that people with a health/fitness problem, usually have a life problem.

Meaning, their mechanisms for coping with the stresses of life need worked upon.

Typically, this becomes a nutrition issue – reaching for comfort food as a way to feel better or to be distracted from what’s swirling around in our heads.

We’ve been privileged to see first hand in Ely, hundreds of times over the years, the impact exercise has upon how people navigate life.

A person’s vitality and personality can change within days of committing to an exercise regime.

They feel excited, hopeful, positive, and frankly relieved – that they’ve plucked up the courage to turn things around.

Personally, when stress hits, it’s very easy to feel the adrenaline surge, heart and mind racing and decide to sit at a computer in a state of panic.

(Often going round in circles, wasting time!).

We’ve learned that stress is best managed by LEAVING everything for a short period and exercising. It could only be 10 mins.

Problems always seem more manageable. Life seems a little brighter. Mood always lifts.

If you’re stuck in a rut, fight the urge to sit and stagnate. Exercise is the key. 👊

Written by Kevin Hurley

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