You Are What You Think (Good AND Bad)

Posted On July 20, 2023

A POWERFUL mindset tip (if you’re struggling with your health and fitness).

👉 Flipping how you think about things 👈

Let us explain…..

It’s too common for people to focus on:

“I don’t want to be overweight”.
“I’m tired of feeling unattractive.”
“I don’t have any energy for anything”.
“I hate exercise, it’s never worked.”

So all energy is put towards how you DON’T want to be – and all the negatives this entails

Ironically, if this is your thought pattern, you’re making this likely to happen.


You’ll be drawn to this reality and make decisions that align to it (moving you away from what you really want!).

Just thinking about how you want things to be and seeing it, feeling it, is a game changer. Let’s call this your ‘vision’.

Your decision making will be better, your brain will naturally draw you towards your ‘vision’.

**Every night, before sleep we use this – to think about what type of person we want to be, what type of father, what fitness, what body, what life, what business – it works!**

We firmly believe that health and fitness is a mindset. If you’re struggling with the mental aspect, putting things off, breaking promises to yourself, getting frustrated because you ‘can’t’…….

Give this a go – and be consistent. 🙏

Written by Kevin Hurley

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