You Don’t Need A Meal Plan – You Need THIS!

Posted On November 11, 2021

Food Ain’t The Problem. It’s Habits….

Now¬†There are MANY ways to approach nutrition. Here’s our simple (and surprising) system.

90%+ people join us believe they need to improve their food habits. And that’s usually the case.

Typically, they’ve been through the ringer, been crushed by diets, beaten by the scales, yo-yo’ed til their head spun, bamboozled by information, believing that nothing would work.

For years, they’ve told themselves they needed to be different, who they are wasn’t good enough or acceptable.

We simply felt that nutrition for this person needed to be simple, easy, instinctive. We don’t believe a 50-something person, for example, needed to think of food as something to be measured, controlled, feared almost.


First things first – make a person FEEL better. Nothing can happen without a person feeling good inside. So we focus solely on our SGPT program for at least 30 days. Make them fitter, stronger, more energetic, confident.

Once in this space, people will make better choices. They’ll be more mindful. They’ll be more instinctive about everything.

That’s stage one.

Trainers will talk of mindset and the connection between fitness and mental health. Asking people to relax more, sleep better, get away from screens – whilst asking them to use apps to count their calories. It didn’t make sense to us.

Plus we don’t believe it’s necessary! We trust people to know, firstly, what is ‘good’ food and what is ‘bad’ food. We don’t need to draw a line on a page with broccoli on the ‘good’ side, ‘chocolate’ on the other. People get it.

Sure it’s usually the portion side of things that people need help with. But that’s easy to learn. We use an effective hand measuring system that can be used anywhere – even if you forget your phone!

This is simple stuff and all that the average person needs. Maureen, 55, doesn’t need the best quality amino acid protein supplements or a 12 week meal plan. She needs to move and eat a little better.

Stage Two

We try to help people realise that however they are, we accept them and so should they.

You wish to eat terribly but train hard and feel fit? No Problem!
You wish to eat impeccably and train every day? No Problem!
You like an evening wine, and 1/2st overweight? No Problem!
You smoke but want to feel healthier? No Problem!

No matter who you are, we want you to feel ok with yourself, that you don’t have to conform. If you feel great, you’re good enough!

So we don’t count calories, we don’t weigh people, we don’t do naked before and afters. We help people be their best, love themselves and enjoy life!

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Written by Kevin Hurley

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