Your Cardio Workouts are a SLOG? Try this!

Posted On February 18, 2022

You’ve PROBABLY Wasted Your Time?

When you’ve worked with thousands of people over the years, you see patterns develop.

Whilst we are all different, most people have quite similar goals. We want: to be leaner, stronger, more toned, fitter, more confident.

The go-to method is largely cardio. A throw back to the 80’s when jogging became the big craze in America before filtering across the world. It’s still hanging around.

And we understand why. Cardio is HARD! It’s uncomfortable, heart pounding, sweat, heavy breathing, red face. It feels like the best workout possible. Would seem the best way to lose fat.

**By the way, we’re a fan of cardio! We do it regularly**

BUT – the thing is: training is SPECIFIC. The way you exercise produces a specific result.

Cardio improves heart and lung function, it helps with endurance, it helps with well-being. That’s its specific outcome. And it’s very useful to improve the quality of our life.


To achieve the specific result of being stronger, more toned, more defined — we MUST be lifting weights.

Also, for the purposes of fat loss (we all want to lose a few pounds right?), there are far more efficient ways >>> STRENGTH TRAINING.

More lean muscle = higher metabolism = more calories burned = clothes feel better = confidence.

The ideal regime, for most people, with goals to be leaner, stronger, more toned, fitter is:

2-3 strength sessions per week
1 cardio session (2 only when needed)
Plenty of rest around these

Hope this gives you some thought about your own training structure.

What does your training look like? How’s it going? Drop a message and let us know! 🙂

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Written by Kevin Hurley

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