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December 14, 2016
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Personal Training Business and LIFE Made Simple ……

Personal Training Offers LIFE Lessons?


“I was LYING to MYSELF….”
I want to be totally honest today – in the hope that it helps your fitness journey.
You see, I was LYING to myself for years…..
So much so that I actually began to believe my own BS!
Everything looked so perfect – but it was all a facade really.
My former belief was:
“I didn’t want to run a big business.”
“Too much stress”.
“I’m comfortable, don’t need more.”
“Money isn’t everything.”
“The best things in life are free.”
“Better to stay small, less hassles.”
“Too much responsibility.”
Thing was though, I was only thinking this was for THREE
(1) Didn’t have the confidence to think I could carry it off.
(2) Feared I would fail
(3) Didn’t think I deserved it
And so I spun the web of lies, convinced myself, thought small, took small, safe actions >>>>>> got small results.
However, the lies finally got too much for me. Because I KNEW DEEP DOWN I was better.
The person I was, WASN’T the person I was INSIDE.
I had so much more potential – and I started working on achieving it.
(1) ‘No confidence’ – I worked daily on meditation and to make my body as STRONG as I could be = Mental and physical strength.
(2) I CONFRONTED fear head on and discovered things AREN’T as scary as we tell ourselves. Took steps to step outside my comfort zone.
(3) Convinced myself I DID deserve the life I wanted – helped by meditation and getting STRONG again.
So here I am at the end of 2016 ……
A Brand spanking new fitness facility, filled with like-minded people who want to be the very best versions of themselves they can be.
Determined to be happier, more confident, more fulfilled through loving their bodies and pushing their limits.
I’m in the best mental and physical shape I’ve ever been in.
I’m EXCITED for 2017 and beyond – not FEARING the future.
I believe I deserve to be happy and KNOW my positive efforts WILL reap results in the end.
So how does this relate to YOUR fitness?
I can almost GUARANTEE you’re being held back by FEAR, JUDGEMENT, DOUBT.
And I can almost GUARANTEE you’re NOT working on YOU…… the INSIDE, the head, the heart.
((So far it’s all been ‘which exercise’, and ‘how many calories’, right?))
My guess is you’re filling your head with some BS you’re actually starting to believe.
– “I just like food”
– “My family are all like this”
– “I’ll start next week”
– “Once I sign up again, this time will be different”
– and so on…….
((Say it often enough it WILL sink in!))
But deep down you probably know, it’s lies. IF you’re REALLY honest.
Remember, MY honesty set me free.
And I just pass on my mistakes to try and help you achieve more than you ever have before.
It IS possible, trust me.
Hope this inspires you! 🙂

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